Thursday, September 3, 2009

Don't miss out on some GREAT weekend deals!

My shop is featured in Etsy's Weekend Deals Gift Guide for Labor day weekend. ;)

You will get 5% off your entire order (not including shipping) when you mention 'weekend deals' in the message to seller when checking out! Discount will be refunded back to your paypal account.

Hurry and act fast because the weekend deals are only valid from September 3-7, 2009! :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Yay for facebook fanpage usernames and shorter URLs!

I just got my facebook fanpage URL! Now the link to my facebook fanpage is nice and short... no extra long URLs with a whole of extra numbers! :)


Facebook had put a requirement of a minimum of 100 fans for fanpages to get a username, but I found out from the Etsy forums that many people have been able to get their usernames with without having 100 fans. Neither of my fanpages have 100 fans but I was able to get a username for both.

To get a username for you fanpage, use this link:

At first people in the forums were thinking it was just a glitch that facebook was allowing them to get usernames without having 100 fans but I have read that facebook has lowered their requirement from 100 fans to 25 fans... This makes more sense (both pages have more than 25 fans).