Friday, July 17, 2009

A touching story...

I recently completed order for someone who ordered two growth charts... I enjoy making all my orders, but I especially enjoyed making these two charts. I don't want to mention names because I'm not sure if she would want me to, I'll just refer to her as the 'mother of two'...

Anyways, we e-mailed back and forth several times discussing colors and themes for the two growth charts. This wonderful 'mother of two' also sent me pictures of her kids bedding and bedrooms so that I can get a feel for what I was trying to match. Even though we have never met, our back and forth dialogue and her brilliant idea to send the pictures of her kids' bedding and bedrooms made me feel like I knew her family. It really felt like I was making two growth charts for a friend's kids. After completing her growth charts, I shipped them to her and the next day I get a message from her stating she received the growth charts (they were shipped within the same state) and that both she and the kids loved the growth charts. This was one of the best complements I could have gotten.

After a few more messages back and forth, this terrific 'mother of two' stated that she had just adopted her two kids from foster care and that they had been together for only about 2 weeks... It immediately melted my heart. She even sent me pictures of the growth charts once she got them hung in the kids' bedrooms and pictures of the kids in front of their charts. You can really tell how excited the kids were to have their very own growth charts in their bedrooms from the pictures. It put the biggest smile on my face.

Here are the pictures of the growth charts hanging in each of the kids' rooms. Unfortunately, I cannot post the heart-warming pictures of the kids in front of their charts because you cannot post pictures of foster youth on public media...

And the moral of the story is... Working with this amazing 'mother of two' made me realize that there are wonderful, generous people out there. I truly am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with this awe-inspiring 'mother of two.'

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