Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Meet BabbidgePatch, VanillaKnitsandBits and DitsyBitsy from the Etsy Baby Shower

Cathy from BabbidgePatch joined Etsy in March 2008 with her adorable knit hats and body decor designer scarves. Cathy’s inspiration comes from a variety of sources, but many of her items are inspired by Maine's natural treasures. Cathy is a published designer with creations in Crochet! (a national crochet magazine) and my knitting book, "Puffins & Pine Trees," Downeast Books, 1991. BabbidgePatch was established in 1983, her three children (now all grown up) were the models for her knit creations as they were growing up and she now has 2 cute little grandbabies to dress up.

This is the first time BabbidgePatch is participating in the Etsy Baby Shower. The lucky mom matched with BabbidgePatch will be receiving a 100% cotton helmet ear flap style hat.

Cathy’s advice for new moms is to make time for themselves and relax reminding them “it will go a long way to stay balanced!”

Leanne from VanillaKnitsandBits joined Etsy as a buyer in July 2009 and started selling in September 2009. Leanne’s children, nieces, nephews and their friends are the inspiration for her products. She loves creating a hat that is just that little bit special, that is created especially for the child wearing it, using their favorite colors and style. Handmade hats are unique, each one being different to the next, even when using the same colors and/or style. Leanne’s favorite item is the beautiful pink and brown hat pictured below.
This is the first Etsy Baby Shower for VanillaKnitsandBits, and the two lucky moms receiving gifts from her shop will each be getting one of her beautiful hats.

Leanne’s advice for new moms is to teach their baby to put themselves to sleep, she says “it can be done and is much better for the baby and [mom] in the long run.” She also reminds moms to nap when the baby naps, and moms NEED naps too. One final bit of advice from Leanne is to prioritize so that the ‘absolutely have to be done stuff’ gets done and the rest can wait.

For the months of October and November VanillaKnitsandBits will be offering 15% off to blog readers - use the discount code "Baby Shower" in the message to seller and you will be refunded via PayPal.

Editha from DitsyBitsy joined Etsy in November of 2007. Editha’s inspiration is her daughter, Elyssa. When she was still a baby (she’s now 2 ½), Editha was never satisfied with the headbands available in stores. They usually were not well made and very limited. So one day, Editha bought some ribbon and stretchy nylon headband and made her first creation for her – a white & gold double layer hair bow headband to match her angel outfit for Halloween 2007. DitsyBitsy sells hair accessories for newborn, toddler, big girls, teens and even mommies consisting of a variety of headbands, hair bows, non-slip clippies, ribbon flower clips, bow/clip organizers, crochet hats, etc. Editha’s favorite product is the ribbon flower clip. It is so adorable!

This is the first Etsy Baby Shower DitsyBitsy has participated in and she is “very excited!” One of the lucky moms paired with DitsyBitsy will be receiving headbands and hair bows and the other will be getting a gift set (crochet hat with bow, clip holder/organizer, 2 sets of mini snaps, and 1 set of non slip clips). Editha is not only donating gifts she is also one of the “MOMS” who will be receiving wonderful items from very talented Etsy sellers. She will be having another baby boy in December.

Editha’s advice to new moms is to enjoy & cherish every moment with their baby, “time goes by so fast and they will only be little once.” She reminds us moms that no matter how busy we may be, always find the time to play and watch TV with our children.

In November all hats in DitsyBitsy’s shop will be on sale, and all orders $25 and up will recieve a free gift.

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