Monday, October 26, 2009

Meet kjmSILKS and Cookiefleur from the Etsy Baby Shower

Kim from kjmSILKS joined Etsy in January 2007. Her first shop was kjmART which included Kim’s original art and hand-painted silks. After a year, Kim split her shop in two and also opened kjmSILKS. Kim’s inspiration for her hand-painted silks comes from many sources, including her tropical surroundings, the holidays, and modern art. kjmSILKS features hand-painted and hand-dyed silks, including silk scarves, neckties, pillows, and hair accessories. Kim says her favorites change all the time, but her current favorite is the purple & orange scribble heart scarf.
kjmSILKS has participated in the Etsy Baby Shower a few times before and says “it's always a lot of fun!” The lucky mom matched with kjmSILKS will be receiving a hand-dyed silk scarf. New moms need a lot of pampering, and a silk scarf is a perfect, one-size-fits-all gift, she can “drape it around her neck to perk up an outfit, or wear it as a headband on a 'bad hair day'.”

Kim’s advice for new moms is to sleep when the baby sleeps, and to “take good care of yourself, so you can take good care of your baby.”

kjmSILKS will be offering free domestic shipping and half-off worldwide shipping during the month of November. Just enter 'NOVSALE' in notes to seller.
Linda from cookiefleur “discovered the joy that is Etsy” back in Nov 2008. She joined as a buyer, and at that time, did not think that she would eventually become a seller. Linda was a florist and loves working with ribbons too, so sewing ribbon into little flowers makes Linda very, very happy. Cookiefleur was born when someone commented that her little ribbon flowers look like “cookies - good enough to eat!” When Linda started cookiefleur, it wasn't with babies or little girls in mind. It was July of this year, when a friend of Linda’s commented on how cute her ribbon flowers would look on hairclips for little girls when Linda seriously started thinking of going in that direction. Since launching cookiefleur in August, Linda has participated in 3 craft markets and the response for her products has been really encouraging. Linda’s favorite product in her store are her headbands.

This is cookiefleur’s first Etsy Baby Shower and she says she is “excited and honored to be part of it.” The lucky mom paired with cookiefleur will be getting the The Bella Headband.

Linda says that since she is not a mom she really doesn’t have any advice to give new moms, but she would like to pass on the best advice her mom has given her: "Always try your hardest. It doesn't matter if you fail or fall. As long as you try your hardest, that's good enough. But make sure you try your hardest."

For the whole of November, cookiefleur will be running a Christmas special! Her products are great for stocking fillers. So be sure to stop by Linda’s shop before stuffing those stockings because she will be offering a discount! Be sure to enter "a very cookiefleur christmas" in Message to Seller to get 15% off entire order (excluding shipping).

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