Sunday, October 25, 2009

Meet SandysCapeCodOrig and Ahmelie from the Etsy Baby Shower

Sandy from SandysCapeCodOrig joined Etsy in November of 2007. When making her products she is inspired by babies. Sandy designs and writes crochet patterns from Cape Cod Mass for SandysCapeCodOrig. Her favorite item is the pretty in pink cocoon pattern.

SandysCapeCodOrig has donated to the Etsy Baby Shower before. The lucky mom paired with SandysCapeCodOrig will be receiving a sweater set!

Sandy’s reminds new moms that their babies will grow up fast so “love them while you can.”

Blog readers can get 3 free patterns at, check under sandypowers designer.

Ahmelie from Ahmelie joined Etsy in April of 2008. A smiling child is the inspiration behind her products. Ahmelie says she likes to “create something out of the ordinary with vibrancy and high quality.” Her favorite product is the swaddler, because they are very versatile and can be used past the swaddling stage. The swaddlers in Ahmelie’s shop are larger compared to store bought ones so they can be used to swaddle longer.

This is the first time Ahmelie is participating in the baby shower. The lucky mom matched with Ahmelie will be receiving a Hooded Towel.
Ahmelie’s words of wisdom to new moms are “You can never give too many kisses to your baby!”

Attention blog readers- a free handmade card is inluded with every order from Ahmelie's shop.

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