Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Meet SillySockMonkeys and RetroRugrats from the Etsy Baby Shower

Ilia from SillySockMonkeys joined Etsy in August 2008 and opened up shop in August 2009. Ilia is a stay-at-home mom of two and says her inspiration is her love of babies. She really enjoys making sock monkeys and her first one for her son and the rest is history. She loves embroidering child and baby themed hot iron transfer designs from the 40's and 50's and gets a lot of enjoyment from doing embroidery and hand stitching and says wool felt is one of her favorite materials to work with. SillySockMonkey's shop represents all the kinds of things that I think are cute and unique. Her favorite items are the baby sock monkeys, unicorn and fairy booties, and mini bootie ornaments.
This is SillySockMonkey's first time participating in the baby shower and is excited about hearing from "her" mom. The lucky mom matched with SillySockMonkeys will be choosing her gift from the many wonderful listing in her shop. I am happy to let the mom choose something she likes from my shop.

Ilia's advice to new moms is to "not worry about the housework, do what you can and enjoy this special time while your baby is so tiny!" She encourages moms to take lots of pictures and notes to stick into your baby book in case you don't have time to write everything in right away. She reminds us fellow moms that "when [our] child is big [we] will look at those pictures and all the good memories will come rushing back."

SillySockMonkeys will be offering a 20% discount to blog readers, be sure to enter the discount code: ETSY BABY SHOWER.

Maria from RetroRugrats joined Etsy in October 2007. She is inspired by bright, colorful fabrics and loves retro-inspired creations, vintage patterns and styles with modern day fabrics. "Fun accessories to make childhood fun!" The crayon roll is her top selling product, and since they come personalized it makes them extra special.
This is RetroRugrats' first time participating in the Etsy Baby Shower. The lucky mom paired with RetroRugrats will be receiving a kimono shirt with the baby's initial and personalized bib.

Maria's advice to new moms is to put their baby to bed at bedtime despite protests at a young age. She adds that as they grow older, "you'll be glad you did." All 3 of her children go to bed at bedtime without any persuasion and it makes bedtime so much easier.

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  1. Thank you for working so hard to promote Etsy Kid shops! We appreciate all that you are doing:)

  2. Thank you so much Deniz!

    I have never been featured on a blog before and it feels GREAT!