Monday, October 26, 2009

Meet PaintMeAPicture, StymiepieStudios and ItzFitz from the Etsy Baby Shower

Lindsay from PaintMeAPicture joined Etsy in May of this year and started listing items for sale in August. The main inspiration behind Lindsay’s creations is fun fabric and scrapbook paper, and nursery/children’s bedding gets the creative juices flowing. PaintMeAPicture primarily creates paintings for nurseries, children's rooms, and other personalized designs. Each item is hand painted by Lindsay and all are original designs unless otherwise noted. PaintMeAPicture can coordinate with customers' theme, color scheme, or bedding and is open to custom orders. Lindsay’s favorite item is her “Pretty to a T" painting.

This is the first time PaintMeAPicture is participating in the Etsy Baby Shower and she is “super excited.” The lucky mom paired with PaintMeAPicture will be receiving her choice of an 11 x 14 painting.
Lindsay’s advice to new moms is to get lots of rest before that precious little one arrives and take things one day at a time. She also tells moms not to comparea themselves to other mom's and not to solely rely on what books or articles say, because at the end of the day, “it's you and your baby.”
PaintMeAPicture has informed us that there will be a big sale on IN-STOCK items after Nov. 21st.

Leslie from StymiepieStudios joined Etsy on March 31, 2009. Leslie’s inspiration started with the reaction of one of her mural customers after finishing painting their nursery… Their reaction and the excitement of being a part of such a special time in their lives encouraged Leslie to start painting items for the home as well as decor and original artwork for children's rooms. Leslie has worked as an artist all of her life, but these past 6 months, after joining Etsy, have been the most creative period of her life. Leslie admits she cried (tears of joy!) after selling her first print on Etsy. Leslie’s favorite items are her prints, she says they are “like her children.”

This PaintMeAPicture’s first Etsy Baby Shower and she is “very proud to be doing it.” The lucky mom matched with PaintMeAPicture will be receiving either a wipes case or a print of one of her original illustrations.
Leslie’s advice to new moms is to enjoy each moment good or bad, because the baby's infancy and childhood will go by so fast. She reminds mom’s that their “child is lucky to have [them] there to savor this time... as you go thru these wonderful years together." Leslie encourages moms to "be a teacher and guide, to make [their baby] a strong, happy and positive person."

Jen from ItzFitz joined Etsy in August 2009. Jen’s inspiration for her products comes from her childhood memories. She loved her wall hangings and enjoyed seeing her name and birthday on things while growing up. Jen combined this with her keepsakes and ItzFitz was born. Jen has several favorites from her shop, the painted tiles, felt letters and name train are a few of them.

This is the first time ItzFitz is participating in the Etsy Baby Shower and says “it’s an awesome idea!” The lucky mom matched with ItzFitz will be receiving a personalized 8" x 6" hand painted tile with the child’s name and birth info on it.

ItzFitz will be offering blog readers 10% off, excluding shipping. Just convo Jen with your order and special code BABYBUY. This offer is good till November 16th, 2009.

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